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We are thrilled to offer you a rare opportunity to learn from and shoot alongside some of street photography's most accomplished artists in an intimate setting in one of the world's most beautiful cities. There is no better way to improve your skills and confidence as a street photographer than to immerse yourself in the craft and receive guidance and feedback from a seasoned mentor. This year we are thrilled to be offering workshops by Bruce Gilden, Jesse Marlowe and Aaron Berger, Jack Simon, and Vineet Vohra.

BRUCE GILDEN (sold out!)


JUNE 6-10, 2017

Bruce Gilden, New York City, 2011 by Maximilian Motel
Bruce Gilden, New York City, 2011 by Maximilian Motel

“I want to help you MAKE photographs, not TAKE photographs!”
Bruce Gilden

In partnership with Magnum Photos, we are thrilled to offer an intensive five-day workshop with legendary photographer Bruce Gilden.

© Bruce Gilden / Magnum Photos, 2014
© Bruce Gilden / Magnum Photos, 2014

BRUCE GILDEN brings to his master class his unique style of street photography which has truly become his own over the past 40 years of working in New York City and other urban areas, both in the US and abroad. He will work with the students to teach them how to improve their pictures shot in the streets by best identifying their working “style” for street photography, and define their personal vision. Gilden will share his own experience in the street to aid the students in gaining “street smart” sensibilities. These principles are necessary to work in any environment and to be in the middle of the scenario without being obtrusive. In addition to his master class, Bruce Gilden will also give a lecture-presentation on his 40-year body of street work in CD form.

This is an unprecedented opportunity to learn from the master himself in an extended workshop in San Francisco. We are thrilled to be hosting him.

This class is limited to 12 students and is expected to sell out.

June 6-June 10, 2017

Schedule Location: Central San Francisco
Tues, June 6 through Friday, June 9: 8:30-1:00 classroom time, followed by shooting until evening.
Sat, June 10: 8:30-5 classroom critique and editing


Shoot either 50 digital images (or 2 rolls of film) in an area you are “comfortable” working in, AND 50 digital images (or 2 rolls of film) somewhere else you are “uncomfortable” working. Please present no more than 5 images.


In addition to the pre-class assignment, bring your best photos, ones that are indicative of your style (they do NOT have to be “street”photographs). After Bruce reviews your portfolio, you will be given a personal assignment related to your strengths or weaknesses.


Bruce review your work and then you will shoot on your own.


From the recently-completed assignments, each participant will have produced an essay that Bruce will help assemble.

PRICE: $1400 Sold out. Email to be placed on the waiting list.

Price includes some snacks and coffee but does not include any travel or lodging costs. Students are expected to bring their own cameras and laptops.

Email if you have any questions.

© Bruce Gilden / Magnum Photos, 1984.
© Bruce Gilden / Magnum Photos, 1984.
© Bruce Gilden / Magnum Photos, 1988.
© Bruce Gilden / Magnum Photos, 1988.
© Bruce Gilden / Magnum Photos, 1999.
© Bruce Gilden / Magnum Photos, 1999.



JUNE 9-11, 2017


Jesse Marlow and Aaron Berger are Leica Akademie instructors and members of the influential street photography collective In-Public. They have teamed up to offer their unique perspectives to a small group of students in a three-day class during StreetFoto.


Jesse Marlow is an internationally-known street photographer from Melbourne. His work has won international awards and has been been featured in numerous books and exhibited in group and solo exhibitions around the world. His photos can be found in public and private collections including the National Gallery of Victoria and the Australian Parliament House.

Aaron Berger, In-Public’s newest member, is a well-known street photographer originally from Los Angeles and currently based in New York City, where he shoots relentlessly. Aaron shoots color film that he develops in his bathtub, which gives his work a raw, distinctive style. His photographs have been shortlisted in numerous international competitions and have attracted over thirty-three thousand avid followers on Instagram.

We are pleased to offer an unprecedented opportunity to shoot the streets of San Francisco alongside these two experienced teachers. This three-day class will feature lectures, shooting in the field, and critique.

This class is limited to 15 students and is expected to sell out.


June 9-11, 2017.


Friday, June 9: 6-9PM Introduction and lecture. Harvey Milk Photo Center.
Saturday, June 10: 9-6 shooting followed by classroom critique at Harvey Milk Photo Center.
Sunday, June 11: 9-6 shooting followed by final critique at Creativelive. Earlier departures will be accommodated for those with travel requirements.

PRICE: $750


Email with questions or comments about this workshop. Click the button below to reserve your spot.

Photo by Jesse Marlow
Photo by Aaron Berger

JACK SIMON (only 1 spot left!)


JUNE 10-11 2017


Jack Simon taught two very highly regarded workshops at StreetFoto 2016, and we are bringing him back again this year by popular demand. Those of you who were unable to get a spot in his sold-out workshop last year have another chance to learn from him.

Jack is a San Francisco Bay Area psychiatrist who discovered street photography a decade ago and established himself as one of the most influential and creative practitioners of the craft. His work is striking, contemporary, and often surreal, and he has an uncanny knack for capturing absurdity, ambiguity, and subtle humor. His photos have been included in numerous publications, have won international awards, and been exhibited around the world. He is a member of Burn My Eye, a collective of well-known contemporary street photographers.


Take advantage of this opportunity to shoot with Jack on his home turf in this intensive three-day workshop. This workshop will feature classroom time as well as shooting in the streets with Jack and extensive in-the-field instruction. The workshop will conclude with discussion and critique of the photos taken over the weekend. This class is limited to 12 students and is expected to sell out.

June 10-11, 2017

Location: Harvey Milk Photo Center
Sat, June 10: 9-6
Sun, Jun 11: 9-6 (Earlier Sunday departures will be accommodated for those with travel requirements.)

PRICE: $600

Send questions or comments about this workshop to or reserve your spot today by clicking the button below. Remember that last year’s Jack Simon weekend workshop sold out.


VINEET VOHRA (only 3 spots left!)



JUNE 2-4, 2017

Vineet Vohra taught a sold out workshop at StreetFoto 2016, and we are thrilled to be able to bring him back to teach another class. Vineet is an internationally-respected street photographer from New Dehli, India, and the co-founder and CEO of APF Magazine. His work is vivid, contemporary, and complex, and sits at the forefront of a wave of extraordinary photography coming out of south Asia over the last decade. He is a Leica Ambassador and was recently named one of the 20 most influential street photographers in the world by StreetHunters. His photos have appeared in many prestigious publications around the globe.

Vineet is an experienced teacher who regularly sells out workshops around Asia and Europe, and StreetFoto is honored to be able to bring him to San Francisco to teach in the United States for the first time.

This workshop is three full days and is entitled “Gestalt Vision and the Art of Street Photography.” It will focus on honing your vision on the streets and increasingly your ability to capture the images you seek. Suitable for street photographers of all skill levels, this workshop is for any shooter who wants to take his or her work to the next level. It will include classroom time, shooting with Vineet on the streets of San Francisco, and detailed critique.

This class is limited to 15 students and is expected to sell out.

June 2-4, 2017
(Note that this workshop occurs during the weekend prior to the official start date of the festival, June 5.)


Location: Creativelive
Friday, 6/2: 5PM – 9PM classroom time.
Saturday, 6/3: 9-6 Shooting San Francisco with Vineet.
Sunday, 6/4: 9-5 shooting + critique and editing. Earlier Sunday departures will be accommodated for those with travel requirements.

PRICE: $750

Send questions or comments to or reserve your spot today by clicking the button below. Remember that last year’s Vohra workshop sold out.

vineet vohra 2
vineet vohra