San Francisco Photo Walks

San Francisco Photo Walks

Let an experienced local street photographer lead you through his or her favorite places to shoot in San Francisco. We’ll be hosting walks every day during the festival. All photowalks are FREE to join, and will be led by generous local volunteers, some of whom are taking time off work to show around visitors. Big thanks for RE Casper for organizing these, and to all the volunteers leading walks.

Did Registrations Fill Before you Could Sign Up?

Email Casper to be an alternate and we’ll add you as we receive cancellations.

Photowalk Schedule:


Our first series of photowalks filled quickly, so with that kind of demand and the responses we received from you all that got to the registration a little late, we have decided to introduce two more photo walks for the festival.

These are not going to be your run of the mill photo walks though. No, these will be quite unique indeed.

Friday, June 9, 2017

Take a walk with fellow street photographers and representatives from Streetography to learn how to harness this new and exciting tool.

Streetography is shaking up the way we look at sharing our imagery to the world. Filter and browse high quality, curated imagery from your specific neighborhoods. Use overlay maps, Lightroom plugins and seamless integration with Instagram and 500px to share your work in new and powerful ways.

*Please install Streetography app prior to arrival. Feel free to use any camera you wish!

Sunday, June 11, 2017

*iPhone Required due to DXO compatibility

It is with great pride, we announce this wonderfully unique Mobile Street Photography walk for you iPhone users out there.

DXO One Cameras will be loaned out to all attendees, for a test drive through the streets of San Francisco. Try your luck with this fascinating new technology and truly take your photography to the next level.

*Important: All cameras must be returned at the end of the walk, but will be available for purchase to all interested attendees.