One of our goals is to exhibit as much street photography as we can during the festival, and Harvey Milk Photo Center is not big enough to hold it all, so we’re happy to announce one of the big offsite shows we are hosting this year: Blake Andrews and Steven Bollman will be exhibiting darkroom-printed work at SF Camerawork, one of San Francisco’s most revered galleries, from June 5 through June 10, 2017. The opening reception for this show will be Wednesday, June 8. See our festival schedule for more details and other events.

Blake Andrews was born in Berkeley in 1968, and spent his childhood in the hills of California’s north coast before moving to Oregon in 1992. It was there he discovered photography, which he continues to the present as a daily practice, mindfulness aid, and archiving device. His visual style blends surreal narrative, serendipity, and found moments into a diaristic photo stream now approaching a quarter century and a half million film exposures. His photographs have been exhibited nationally and internationally in London, Belgrade, Dubai, Stockholm, Bangkok, New Orleans, Los Angeles, and most recently at Blue Sky Gallery in Portland. His workprints have been distributed guerilla style on fences, utility poles, and vehicles throughout Oregon. He has received no awards and no photographic training. He a member of In-Public, creator of the blog B, and a regular contributing writer at Photo-Eye. He currently lives just outside Eugene with his wife, three sons, and a large library of photography books. He’s swears it’s really nice. He says you should visit sometime if you’re in the area.

Blake will be exhibiting a series he calls Photos I Had to Laugh At.


Steven Bollman takes B+W photos, shooting film, to record ordinary people in extraordinary moments. Born in New York City in 1961, his photographic odyssey began at age 12 in his cousin’s darkroom. Shy but obsessively curious about people and the world around him, photography was a perfect fit, allowing quiet involvement through observation. Bollman has a self-published photo book in the throes of completion. Kickstarter launches at the end of May.

Steven will be exhibiting a series he calls InFidelidad.