By Thursday, June 8, some of you will have been at the festival for several days, and some of you will just be arriving. After a long day (or week) of taking photos, looking at photos, and talking about photos, why not blow off some steam and take in a great show at one of San Francisco’s finest small music venues by Low Cut Connie, a band from Philadelphia that comes highly recommend by Chris Suspect, winner of the StreetFoto photo series contest in 2016. Chris is a guy you can trust about things like this.

According to Chris, They are probably one of the best live bands I’ve ever seen. Plus the singer is a photo nerd. Their last album featured an Anders Peterson photo.”

Here’s a Low Cut Connie photo/video project by Chris that was features on

This is not an official StreetFoto event (so you’ll have to get a ticket) but we’re adding it to the schedule and hope to see some of you there. To see our entire (still growing) schedule, look here.